Hello World! I’m Kushashwa Ravi Shrimali (friends call me Kush, world knows me as krshrimali), a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate from IIIT-NR. I work as a Research Engineer at Grid.AI, mostly on PyTorch Lightning Ecosystem. Previously, I work as a Software Developer (PyTorch dev team) at Quansight Labs. I love development, optimization and reading source codes! Have explored a lot of fields during my graduation, development is what I found the most intuitive for myself.

I stream every day on my Twitch Channel (BuffetCodes). Please consider following and joining the streams, at 9 PM IST / 8:30 AM PT. The streams are recorded and uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Over the weekends - I contribute to opensource, and write blogs (where you are right now). But that’s not it, I like singing (not that I sing well xD), dancing on any random music I like and discussing technology (mostly Linux, vim, and programming) & politics.

I love writing impactful codes! My work doesn’t stop at getting the accuracy. I love optimizing the models to help deploy in real-time.

Please navigate to categories, to start reading my blogs (category-wise).

Work Experience

  • Grid.AI (Research Engineer) | PyTorch Lightning (February 2022 to Present)
    • One of the core maintainers of PyTorch Lightning. Contributing to PyTorch Lightning and Flash
  • Quansight Labs (Software Developer) (June 2021 to February 2022)
  • Sybill AI (Applied ML Engineer), Bangalore, India (February 2021 to May 2021)
    • Designed multi‑modal models in ML pipeline.
    • Working on designing ML test framework and using MLFlow for ML experiments and hyper parameter tracking.
  • NVIDIA (Deep Learning Frameworks Team, PyTorch), Santa Clara, US
  • Dukaan (R&D Deep Learning Engineer), Bangalore, India (September 2020 to October 2020)
    • Worked as R&D DL Engineer.
    • Contributed in training custom CV and NLP models for deployment for Dukaan App.
    • Note: Had to leave and come back home for indefinite time because of COVID Emergency at home.
  • Care AI (Software Developer Intern, AI), Florida, US (April 2020 to August 2020)
    • Remotely working (due to COVID-19 pandemic). Major responsibilities include:
      • Optimizing workflow using TensorRT (mainly using C++ API).
    • Applying Deep Learning, Speech Recognition and Machine Learning models on Android Apps.
  • Rapid Rich Object Search (ROSE) Labs, NTU Singapore
    • On-site internship at ROSE Labs, NTU Singapore under Prof. Alex Kot (Director, ROSE Labs). Worked on Automatic License Plate Recognition technique in real time using PyTorch in both C++ and Python. Used YOLO based network and achieved 85% accuracy for Single Line License Plates and Double Line License Plates (tested on real time dataset of Singaporean Vehicles).
    • Mentor: Prof. Alex Kot, Dennis Sng (Deputy Director & Principal Scientist) and Devadeep Shyam (Project Mangaer, AI)
  • Big Vision LLC and LearnOpenCV, California
    • Worked from home in writing blogs and working for clients for Big Vision LLC. Became OpenCV Contributor during my internship, and worked on several projects using C, C++ and Python.
    • Mentor: Dr. Satya Mallick (CEO, LearnOpenCV)
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior
  • OpenStudy, Palo Alto
    • The responsibilities included to actively promote the website and it’s cause amongst the students and to guide them through the beginning steps for the website. Made sure the smooth following of Code of Conduct of OpenStudy. Also worked as a leader of OpenStudy Newsletter Programme for two editions as well as Designer in one edition.
    • Worked under Preetha Ram and Ashwin Ram (now: Technical Director of AI, Google Cloud)
  • Student Activity Concil, IIIT Naya Raipur
    • Coordinated clubs running under SAC: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Club, The Society of Coders. Also became the Technical Coordinator of Annual Technical and Cultural Fest - TechNovate 2019.

Twitch and YouTube Channels

I stream every day at 9 PM IST (8:30 AM PT), so if you are interested - please hop in and say hi!

Non-Academic Interests and Achievements

I involve myself in non-academic activities like Debating, blogging, playing Table Tennis and more. I was also a Scout in my high school. I love World History and love discussing on social and international topics. I’ve won several competitions in Debates (more about them in my CV).

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, or on email: kushashwaravishrimali@gmail.com